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Welcome to Great Walking!

This is a website by walkers for walkers so please come in, take a look around, get in-touch and contribute.

You can either e-mail or be one of the first to join the brand new forum.


This website isn't here to compete, replace or rival the many excellent walking websites that are already available. It's here to compliment them, to be an on-line community for walkers of all levels.


A place where the beginner can find valuable information and ask for advice without feeling intimidated.


A website where those with experience can share their knowledge.


A community where everyone has the opportunity to create and shape its future.

If you're just starting out, the range of gear available can be daunting and expensive. Visit the 'Gear' section for plenty of help and advice in plain English. You'll also find a great selection of 'Books' which we believe are the best for teaching you the basics.


We'd love to hear from you, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Have your say in the forum
The Great Walking Forum is now open and ready for your contribution.


Talk about gear, great trails and routes, promote your walking group, festivals and events, post your walking pictures and more.

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We've a range of audio and video podcasts right here courtesy of The Outdoors Station.

The intention is for the library to cover all aspects of outdoor interests, some of which will be independently generated  and the rest will come from the industry who want to explain or show the details of their products or services in more detail.

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Take a look at the UK's best scenery
See what it looks like before you go.


You'll find webcams trained on the most popular summits and walks. Just click the menu on the left an then select your area.

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